5 Things to Do In Columbus Ohio

5 Things to Do In Columbus Ohio

Things to do in Columbus Ohio

Things to do in Columbus Ohio


Well when you are planning to visit Columbus, Ohio for the first time and don’t know what exactly you need to do in such a big city which offers so many of beautiful sites, than I must say you have landed at the right place. Just take a minute to read the below article as it will let you know the best things which you can do in Columbus Ohio when you visit the city for the first time.

Most of the people are not exactly aware of the fact that Columbus is one of the biggest cities in America and currently the fastest growing city of Ohio. It is obvious that you don’t need to drive too much outside the limits of the city to find fields of corn but the truth is that offering too much to see sometimes creates a confusion in mind about which place you must visit and which place must avoid.

Believe me it is very difficult to judge your choice and find out the right answer regarding this! But as every problem has solution, so for this I am discussing 5 major things which you must do in Columbus – Ohio when you are visiting the city for the first time.

  • Visit Botanical Garden and Franklin Park Conservatory

If you wish to see blooms as well as exotic plants and unique exhibits then this place will suit you the best. Chill out with your buddies and family member to improve your knowledge and make some research.

  • Do some shopping at the North Market

North market of Columbus city brings together dozens of independent farmers and retailers and thus makes this market one of the best place where thousands of products are available under one roof. This is the best place to do your supermarket shopping and to buy some seafood, fresh produce, desserts, meats and ethnic food specialties. The best time to visit market is in weekends as during such time you can get chance to enjoy special occasions such as live music and cooking courses.

  • Exploring more with Boutique Stores, Pubs, Eateries and Short North Galleries

Another thing which you can to in Columbus Ohio is to explore the city with more of its heavily populated art galleries, fashionable boutique clothing stores, eateries, pubs and clubs. You can even join the Doo Dah Parade, and Pride Festival.

  • Attending a Baseball Match

Even if you are not a baseball lover, the Columbus Ohio Clipper will make you their fan with the amazing game which they show to every visitor. With tickets starting at the fare of $3 for kids & seniors and $6 for adults, many of you will love going after it.

  • Trying Some Great Beers Collections at Bodega

Visiting Columbus – Ohio and not taking beer will certainly not make your trip successful. You can visit short north pub and restaurant’s and give a try to some of the great beers and wine offered by them. Bodega offers more than 60 craft beers and over 100 Belgian.


Considering the above 5 major things to do in Columbus Ohio will make your first visit amazing and memorable.

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