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Columbus, Ohio Visitors Center


  • Columbus Museum of Art

The Columbus Museum of Art homes a superb selection these days’ nineteenth-century and beginning twentieth-century United States and Western modern art. This unique collection contains major works by Monet, Matisse, Picasso, Renoir, and O’Keefe, with some awesome types of Impressionist, German Impression, and cubism items.

The museum serves an ongoing program of nationwide and worldwide journeying events, which means that there is always something new and interesting to find here! Read More

Top Rated Ohio Sightseeing Attractions


There are number of exciting places to visit in United States but one place which you will not like to miss if you want to see and enjoy the real America is “Ohio”. Ohio is the famous tourist attraction from people all over the world. It offers many sightseeing places which are worth watching. Planning a trip to visit such places will surely make your money worth count for you and that time will become more memorable movement of your life.  Given below is the list of some famous Ohio sightseeing attractions which will definitely make your day. Read More

Things to know about Columbus Zoo and Aquarium


Columbus Zoo and Aquarium is very famous and a worth seeing places of Ohio city in the United States. It is a non-profit zoo and is popular all over the world as number one zoo in United States. It is located in Powell, Ohio just north of Columbus. Some of the major attractions and important information about Columbus Zoo and Aquarium are given as follows: Read More

Popular Events in Columbus Ohio 2016


The city of Columbus in Ohio witnesses many events related to music, sports, arts, biking and other famous categories every year. These events are a source of revenue for the city and also a famous attraction for the tourists visiting Columbus. You can prefer going to any of event which is suitable for you as per your requirement as there are many events which are held every year in the city. Some popular events which are going to take place this year in Columbus are mentioned below: Read More

Ohio Lottery – History and its Games

Ohio Lottery – History

Ohio lottery was started in year 1973 but it actually began in 1974 with first game which was named as Buckeya 300 and now renamed as Pick 3. The lottery was run and controlled by Ohio lottery Commision. The recent director of lottery was Dennis berg and old directors were Mike Dolan and Tom Hayes. In year 1983 the general assembly of Ohio started using lottery for the Education purpose. And after 4 years in 1987 it was made permanent that revenue from lottery will be used as additional income for education purpose. Read More