Ohio Lottery – History and its Games

Ohio Lottery – History and its Games

Ohio Lottery – History

Ohio lottery was started in year 1973 but it actually began in 1974 with first game which was named as Buckeya 300 and now renamed as Pick 3. The lottery was run and controlled by Ohio lottery Commision. The recent director of lottery was Dennis berg and old directors were Mike Dolan and Tom Hayes. In year 1983 the general assembly of Ohio started using lottery for the Education purpose. And after 4 years in 1987 it was made permanent that revenue from lottery will be used as additional income for education purpose.

The Lottery Commission consist total of nine members who are appointed by government of Ohio and all the reports of lottery are sent directly to the governor.

Ohio Lottery

Ohio Lottery

Recent and Previous Games of the Ohio lottery:  The recent games of the Ohio lottery are Pick 3, Pick 4, Pick 5, Keno, Rolling cash 5, Lucky for life, Classic lotto, The Kicker, Mega Millions, Power ball. Their brief description is mentioned below:

  • Pick 3 was introduced in 1979 and later it was extended to two draws in a day.
  • Pick 4 was introduced in 1981 and it was expanded to twice daily and Sunday draws were also added.
  • Pick 5 was introduced in august 2012 and was played twice in a day just like Pennenslyvia Quinto.
  • Keno was initially played at places where there are liquor counters only. Later in 2012 its tickets are available at Ohio lottery retailers also.
  • Rolling Cash 5 was introduced in 2004 at the place of Buckeye 5 and was drawn from 39 ball pool.
  • Mega millions was begun in May, 2002 and its jackpot was of about $15 millions which were paid in Instalments.
  • Classic Lotto was introduced in 2007 and is drawn on Mondays, Wednesdays and Saturdays. Its Jackpot was of $1 billion dollar.
  • The Kicker which is an addition on to Classic lotto was started in 1988 and a six digit number was added to Super lotto tickets.
  • Powerball was started in 1992 .The Multi state Lottery Association decided to sign an agreement according to which they cross sell Mega Millions and Powerball in Us lottery Jurisdictions.

Past Online games of Ohio Lottery: The Ohio lottery past online games include following:

  • Ohio Lotto which started in April 1983 and was drawn on Saturdays and Jackpot money includes $1 million.
  • Super Lotto which was added on February 1986 and drawn on Wednesdays. The jackpot amount initially was $5 million which reduced to $3 millions.
  • Buckeye 5 was added n may 1992 and was drawn on Tuesday and Friday nights but later on it was extended to Mondays Tuesdays, Thursdays and Saturdays. It was replaced with Rolling Cash 5 later on.
  • Lot’ of play game began in October 2005 and most of them played just like Bingo. Its Jackpot amount was $1 million and it was later replaced by Classic Lotto.
  • Super Lotto Plus was started in July 2000 and later on Kicker was added to it. The jackpot amount was $4 millions.
  • Ten-Oh! This was started in August 2007 and played twice in a day! It was just like Keno Later which was replaced by Pick 5.

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