Places to visit in Amish Country Ohio

Places to visit in Amish Country Ohio

The Amish Country-Ohio is a place where nearly 40,000 to 50,000 Amish people reside and work for their livelihood. It is basically combination of 3-5 county areas of Ohio which are Holmes County, Tuscarawas, Coshocton and Wayne County. The place is situated in hills of Eats central Ohio. This country is famous for its Scenic beauty and beautiful landscapes .Also it is the second tourist attraction centre of Ohio. Famous places to visit of Amish Country Ohio are mentioned below:

Amish Country Ohio

Amish Country Ohio

Amish and Mennonite Heritage Centre

This place basically throws light on Amish and Mennonite people history. At the place one can see Pennensylvania style pioneer barn which has restored Conestoga wagon and many other historical artifacts. There is old school named “South Bunker Hills School” which started in 1857 and give a detailed description of Amish Schools. At this venue you can also have a look over Amish local craft, gift shop and bookstore.

Amish Country Ohio Theatre

This place is basically for fun and entertainment purpose. It has 325 seater designed hall which is designed like Disney and somewhat similar to Amish Barn. You can get best experience for lightening, sounds and effects to enjoy. It is the best place for children enjoyment.

Cabin Creek Golf

It is favourite fun destination for sports lovers specially golf lovers. At Cabin Creek Golf there are 18 hole miniature golf courses for playing of young to old. The place is open late in the evening so that people can come and enjoy and get some relaxation there. Also, it attracts tourist when they want to relax after doing shopping, sight- seeing and eating all day.

The Farm at Walnut Creek

The place provides a mind blowing experience to people of all ages in the farm. There you can found more than 500 animals from different continents like Buffaloes, Giraffe, Deer, Elk, llamas etc. You can also see ploughing, sowing seeds, canning, threshing, baking and many more such process there.

Some of the popular villages which tourist loves to visit are Berlin, Charm, Mt.Hope, Sugarcreek, Winesburg etc. The things which are shopped mainly in Amish country are Antiques, quilts, Furniture and many more.

Holmes County Ohio

Holmes County Ohio is the centre of attraction of Amish country and is the home of largest population of Amish people all over the world. The main cities of the place are:

Berlin: This is highly commercial city in Amish Country Ohio and has main attractions in form of shops, stores etc.

Charm: This city lies in South Eastern part of Holmes County and shows the lifestyle of Amish people.

Millersburg: This city is known as “The Old Town” which was discovered by Adam Johnson and Charles Miller in 1815. It is situated in south eastern part of Holmes County.

There are many options available for dining, lodging, shopping and sightseeing which is available in Holmes Country. One can enjoy Amish Country Riding stables at Guggisberg Swiss Inn which offers horse and Buggy rides, Sleigh Rides in winter season which people of all ages can enjoy.










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