Columbus Zoo and Aquarium is worth a day’s visit when in the capital of Ohio.  It is located in Powell, just north of Columbus.  Some of the major attractions and exhibits of  Columbus Zoo and Aquarium are as follows:

Famous Exhibits of the Zoo

The Columbus Zoo houses more than 7,000 animals and about 800 species and these animals are divided into eight different regions representing different parts of the world. These regions are North America, Polar Frontier, Asia Quest, Congo Expedition, Voyage to Australia and Islands, Heart of Africa, Shores and Aquarium and Pachyderms. All the regions have their own featured animals and specialties.

Famous Exhibits of the Zoo columbus
Famous Exhibits of the Zoo columbus

Shores and Aquarium Region in the Zoo

This region has a fish and manatee aquarium which is better known as Discovery Reef. Along with aquariums, there are also American Flamingos, American Alligators and Humboldt Penguins. Discovery Reef is a salt water aquarium which is a home to fish, sharks, sea turtles and live coral.

Other Attractions of the Zoo

Other famous attractions of the Zoo are Jungle Jack’s Landing, Zoombezi Bay and Mangels-Illions Carousel. These Carousels have 52 hand carved horses, 2 chariots and a 153 instrument organ. The Zoombezi Bay is a water park which has 17 slides in total. The Jungle Jack’s landing is a dry park which has 16 rides and a roller coaster which is a great attraction for the young and young at heart.

Conservation Program by the Zoo

The Zoo organises a conservation program, which funds projects outside the zoo and supports other conservation projects which are running all over the world. The money given comes mainly from fundraisers, donations by visitors and private funds.

Other programs offered at Zoo

The Zoo offers summer camps for children of all ages, family and adult programs, distance learning programs and birthday party celebrations.  To be involved in these programs all you have to do is make prior bookings. For those who want to make a career with animals, there are career exploration programs at the zoo.

Information regarding hours and ticket pricing at the Zoo

The Zoo is open throughout the year, except Thanksgiving and Christmas.  The Zoo is open from 10 am to 4 pm in winter and 9am to 5pm in summer.  The ticket price of the Zoo is different for different areas.  You can also become a member of the Zoo, which gives you free entry to Zoo, Zoombezi Bay, free rides, free animal feedings and free admission to the theatre.

Columbus Zoo and Aquarium provides a day of fun and intrigue for people of all ages. Here you will see endangered animals such as African grey parrot, African leopard, American Bison, Arctic Fox, Black Rattle Snake, Asian Elephant, Black Duicker, Black Swan, Blood Python, Blue Neck Ostrich, Bonnethead Shark, Bonobo, Brown Turtle and many other extraordinary species which you may never seen before. You can also  enjoy tempting food at the souvenir shops and eateries in the Zoo.


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