1-2 Day Trip

When taking a Dayton trip, we suggest you visit some of its well known places associated with aviation. This trip you can easily complete in one to two days, but there is always more to explore if you wanted to stay longer!

The city is well known to being the home of the National Museum of the United States Air Force and also the birthplace of Orville Wright. Just outside the downtown area of the city, you will find The Dayton Aviation Heritage National Historic Park. This park has 25 different buildings all paying homage to the aviation industry. You will also find the original site of the Wright Brothers Home. These are two historic places that you will want to make sure to include on your itinerary.

While visiting the area, you will want to plan a 1/2 day trip to see these two historic sites. The rest of your day could be spent walking around the downtown area, and visiting some of the sites on this list. The following day, you could finish up your trip by visiting the National Museum of the Air Force, and stopping at Eastwood Metropark to get some more fresh air.

Dayton top places to visit:

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