Fun in Sandusky, Ohio


Everyone who had ever heard me mention Sandusky, Ohio as my family’s next getaway destination had just one thing to say: Cedar Point! The roller coaster capital of the world! With its 18 roller coasters, ranging from the beginner ride Woodstock Express to the 120-mph Top Thrill Dragster, and now that they have introduced Steel Vengeance- the tallest, fastest and longest hybrid roller coaster in the world, we have never been so excited to experience them all!


We decided to stay at one of Cedar Point’s premier hotels, Hotel Breakers, and I must say that their beachfront is absolutely gorgeous that I almost forgot I was still in Ohio! It offered beautiful views of Lake Erie in the twilight and at night.  HOTEL BREAKERS CEDAR POINT


The staff told me that they had just undergone a major renovation. The lobby had an ultra-modern feel and the room had bright and cheery colors. One major advantage that we loved about staying at this hotel is that we got early admission to the park – a full hour before the general public! Plus the walk from the hotel to the park is much shorter than from the parking lot, so you can concentrate all your energy on enjoying all those that Cedar Point has to offer.


Since we are 4 in the family, we each chose 1 roller coaster for all of us to ride. First up on our choices was the Steel Vengeance, of course! It’s an astonishingly sophisticated wood structure with smooth steel tracks that topple you to 4 head-over-feet inversions and will give what any thrill seeker is looking for in a roller coaster.


Next up was the Blue Streak, Cedar Point’s oldest roller coaster, which we chose for the view, the thrill and the history. The Corkscrew was chosen because it was the first roller coaster in the world that featured 3 inversions guaranteed to test your nerves of steel. The Top Thrill Dragster takes you from zero to a jaw-dropping 120 mph in just 4 seconds! The total time of the ride was 17 seconds, and it was the most intense 17 seconds of my life!


Although roller coasters are Cedar Point’s main attraction, there were other equally exciting adventures to do. Their ‘Dinosaurs Alive’ attraction features a large variety of dinosaurs that move with life-like motions. Their signature Frontier Festival features live music, specially-themed food and drinks, and rousing entertainment and activities. They also have the ultimate beach parties at night along Cedar Point Beach and Boardwalk.



Since it was summer, we weren’t able to experience HalloWeekends, their Halloween offering of not-so-scary fall activities such as the Great Pumpkin Fest during the day; and their immersive mazes and fright-of-your life scare zones at night. But, like I always say, there’s always a next time, isn’t there?


After our stint at Cedar Point, exploring Sandusky was our next step. Plenty of places to go to in Sandusky and we managed to explore a few. We chose those places that not only gave us fun and entertainment but a bit of Sandusky history as well. The Merry-Go-Round Museum features nostalgic and historical merry-go-round memorabilia from around the world. A spin at the fully-renovated New York carousel rounded out the museum tour.


Another fascinating stop was the Maritime Museum of Sandusky. We got to see exhibits on commercial fishing, shipwrecks and even pirates! One thing that really caught my kids’ attention was the artifacts from the Convict Ship, a floating prison that ended its run in Sandusky. The Ghostly Manor Thrill Center was a must-stop for my kids, specifically the Ghostly Manor Haunted House. I don’t know what it is about scaring themselves to death among teenagers, but they really made sure this haunted house is on our to-do list. And I am happy to say that their thirst for scares was 100% quenched.


For my sister and me, a visit to Firelands Winery was a must. We are both fascinated with wine-making and it will be our first experience in wine-tasting. And I am very happy that a bottle or 2 have found their way into our shopping bag.


Food, naturally, has been a major part of our adventure in Sandusky. Breakfast was often an all-American fare at Berardi’s Family Kitchen, where there were plenty of choices for everyone. The staff was friendly and service was great, and the food was outstanding! We came back twice to be able to sample more of their breakfast fare.


Lunch was, on the other hand, often an Italian affair at Chet & Matt’s or Danny Boy’s Italian Eatery as my kids love pizza, and my sister and I love pasta. We enjoyed all the food at both places, as everything we ordered was on point. Prices were fairly reasonable, too.


At the end of the day, as we walk off all those delicious food, and with teenagers in tow, dessert can’t be abandoned. For all of us who are sweet-tooths, Toft’s IceSANDUSKY OHIO Cream Parlor is the best! Kids had the Cotton Candy Confetti, I had the Peaches and Cream and my sister had the Cherry Vanilla ice cream. We each tasted each other’s choices and everything was delicious! And because they had huge portions, there was more than enough ice cream to go around the 4 of us.


As we wrap up our tour of Sandusky, Ohio, we cannot help but regret the fact that there are only so many days in our vacation, and Sandusky, Ohio has lots more to offer. But then, as I have mentioned before, there’s always a next time, isn’t there?