The world’s largest manufacturer of wooden carousels

In 1986 Art Richie and Dan Jones formed the Carousel Works with one goal in mind – to preserve America’s rich and colorful past by restoring antique carousels.

Today the Carousel Works has since moved into the manufacture of new hand carved carousels and has installed over 30 brand new carousels across America.

The Richland Carousel Park is located in the heart of Mansfield, Ohio and is the home of the first carousel to be built and operated in the United States since the 1930’s.  Built with pride and craftmanship by Mansfield’s own Carousel Works, the ride features 52 hand carved figures of horses, bears, rabbits, cats, lions, ostriches, tigers, zebras and a mythical hippocampus.   Scenery panels atop the carousel depict many past and present attractions of Mansfield.

The carousel’s music is provided by a Stinson Band organ made by the Stinson Pipe Organ Co. of Bellefontaine, Ohio.

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